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Find Your Way to an Exact Location with what3words

by TRW Marketing Services
Simple Directions Straight to the Front Door

With what3words, it’s easy to find, share and save a precise location with a simple three word address.

For example – Highland cow above has a great view across to Exmoor from the Quantock Hills in Somerset. The exact location of this swampy waterhole to within 2 metres is ///trap.listen.shave

The phone rings, it is your guests who are due to be arriving soon, hopefully.

 “Where exactly are you? We have popped your postcode into our SatNav but just cannot find exactly where your cottage is?”

By providing your guests with simple straight forward instructions, you will be helping them and reducing anxious guest calls.

No More Complicated Directions Required

We have all experienced the frustration of having arrived at out destination but cannot find where we want actually want to be. Being so close, yet not quite there. Even more annoying when it is dark or out in the countryside where a postcode can cover quite a large area.

What3Words enables you to direct your guests right to your front door to within 2-3 metres. A simple and unique three word address and web-link is all you need to provide your guests for your precise location and directions.

See the link example that we were given to find our holiday cottage in a small village in rural Cumbria –

Easy ‘Shareable’ Address Links & Directions
Directions Take You Right to the Front Door

Once your guests have safely arrived without getting lost you can also provide them with exact location of some of the best views or local points of interest in the area. It is a great way to be able show how to get the start of some great local walks. Add 3 word address details to your guest information folder so your guests can find exactly where to go .

A superb view point in the Quantock Hills – The exact location is shown by the 3 words address.
What3Words Map & Location Marker – ///trap.listen.shave

So How Does It Work?

The world has been divided up into a grid of 3m squares, each with their own unique three word address. These 3 word addresses are as exact as GPS coordinates and can be easily shared.

To find your own property or location you wish to share. Then click your own 3 metre square that is most appropriate, copy the link to your website and share it with your guests.

Guests will find it easy to use too, all they need to do is open the ‘what3words’ address link and select ‘directions’. They can choose to navigate via Google Maps or Apple Maps.

‘what3words’ is also downloadable as a free app.

The App is Free & Easy to Use

If you would like to share a particular location whilst out and about all you need to do is open is open the app. It will automatically show where you are, select ‘Save’ or ‘Share’ and send a message via text. Add a picture to show the amazing view or point of interest at that location too.

– Somerset Coastal Path & Jurassic Coastline – ///agrees.targeted.reprints

You can also ‘WhatsApp’ your exact location to a group, email to friends or colleagues with a picture address too (this is a great little feature). You could save this to your Facebook or Instagram page to whet the appetite for your followers.

In addition to tourism and travel, what3words is widely used across many different applications. It has helped improve logistics for delivery and courier companies and for emergency services to find exact locations.

Handy Tip for Using ‘what3words’

One little handy tip for when to use ‘what3words’. We got accidentally separated from our group after taking a wrong turn whilst out hiking, finding each other was proving difficult. We used ‘what3words’ and sent to the others exactly where we were. This helped them find us within 15 minutes in a heavily forested area. We are now using it to set up meeting points before we all set off.

For More Information about ‘what3words’:

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