Adventure Holidays Consultancy

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Trans Alp Mountain Bike Adventure – Lake Geneva to Monaco

Booking, Organising Adventure Holidays & Trips

Having run my own holiday company for 15 years, I have booked many holidays in the UK and abroad. This has included organising a number of adventurous trips for friends and myself. Consequently I have built up invaluable significant experience and invaluable knowledge to organise tailored trips for groups and individuals. It has included liaising with bespoke agencies, local ground agents and operators and specialist adventure travel companies.

Set Yourself an Adventurous Challenge to Mark Your Milestone Birthday

Looking for something different to celebrate a milestone birthday or event? Set yourself a adventurous challenge and celebrate a landmark event by creating a wonderful memory or achievement that you have always wanted to do or previously thought was beyond you.

Inspired by one of my close friends who chose to walk the Cornwall South West Coastal Path to mark his 50th birthday over 30 days, I chose to traverse the Alps on a mountain bike. From Lake Geneva to Monaco in 10 days, covering 550km, climbing over 12,500 metres climbed and 99% off road!

This included some seriously tough terrain, long and some near vertical climbs and eye popping scary descents combined with some superb single track and mountain bike trails. One of the best things I have ever one. It left indelible memories, pushed me to my limits, gave me some incredible experiences and I absolutely loved it. The only downside was it left me with a desire for more adventure, more of the same.

New Adventures, Wonderful Experiences

Since doing this trip my yearn for new adventures and challenges has only got more earnest. I have been lucky enough to enjoy further such outdoor experiences which have been incredibly rewarding, mentally, physically and for the soul.

Many of my friends have asked what adventurous challenge they could do to celebrate their birthdays either on their own or with friends. From climbing Kilimanjaro, following the Heroes of Telemark trail in Norway, Hiking the Pennine Way to unguided lightweight bike touring in Sicily there are so many great ideas that can be shared together or individually achieved.

For a selection of adventure holidays, trips & ideas that have been organised for groups, couples & families – Adventure Holidays & Trips.

Adventure holidays - hike kayak and fatbike in Finland

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