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Quick Marketing Audit Questionnaire

by TRW Marketing Services

15 Audit Questions to Help You Grow Your Business

Would you like to have a regular stream of new customers, all spending more money with you more often?

When was the last time you took a step back from your holiday business to evaluate how things are going? As a busy business owner, it’s all too easy to spend so much time working within your business that often you are unable to spend time working on your business, generating more bookings.

Is your marketing delivering the results you need?

Now is the perfect time to analyse what has been working, what hasn’t worked, and to devise the new strategies you can implement to keep you moving forward profitably. The following 15 question ‘Quick Marketing Audit’ can help you give your business all it needs to thrive, grow and increase your profits!

‘Quick Marketing Audit Questionnaire’ – 15 Questions to Help You Grow Your Business

  1. What is unique about what you offer? What is the story that sets you apart from your competitors?
  2. Can you define your compelling proposition about why customers should ‘book with you’ in less than 10 words?
  3. What is your key marketing message, is this message consistent across all of your marketing?
  4. Do you know who your ideal customers are and what really defines them?
  5. Do you know why your customers book with you and return regularly?
  6. Do you know where your bookings are coming from and what is your best source of business? e.g. Referral sites, Facebook, word of mouth, AirBnB etc.
  7. Are you tracking performance against your marketing & advertising money spent?
  8. How many visitors does your website get, how long do they spend on your website and where do they actually come from?  Note – check your Google Analytics.
  9. Do you have a marketing database for both your existing customers and a list of potential customers who have expressed interest in booking with you?
  10. Do you keep in regular contact with your existing & potential customers? If so how often and how?
  11. Do you have ‘Customer Reviews’ in place, are you using them and customer testimonials in your marketing?
  12. Have you set up ‘Google My Business’ & Google Reviews and kept them up to date?
  13. Have you created a marketing plan with planned promotions and activities in place?
  14. Do you have any plans for next year, any changes to what you plan to offer your customers?
  15. Are you looking for new customers, new bookings and growth for your business?

Identify Where You Need to Make Improvements to Your Marketing

Hit the ground running for next year by identifying where you may need to make improvements to your marketing activities and strategy. It’s a great time to take a fresh look at your holiday business and put new ideas into action.

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