Guest Guide to the Cotswold Water Park

by Tim
Guest Guide to the Local Area
Guest Guide to the Local Area

The Digital Welcome Book that makes your guests happier

Empower your guests. Stop repeat questions. Create a more efficient business.

The Guest Guide is a ‘WebApp’ that can be downloaded to your mobile, tablet or laptop for easy access before and during a guest’s holiday and stay. It can also be added to your website for guests to access at anytime, great to show what additional guest services you provide.

Add Your ‘Guest Guide’ to Your Website

The Guest Guide can be added to your website as a link to open up in full screen size along with the ability to print any particular PDF pages of choice too. E.g. Special Offers, Best local walks etc.

Example ‘Guest Guide’

Guest Guide to Local Area

Click Here to Download Local Area Guide

The following links can also be added to any guest correspondence, guest emails, texts or as a QR code in your in house Guest Welcome Folders

Share Your Guide With Your Guests

Examples of how it can be shared.

Sacn the QR Code or share the quick links to open up the Guest Guide

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