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Go That Extra Mile For Your Customers

by TRW Marketing Services

What Happens When You Go That Extra Mile For Your Customers

“Many Businesses spend a small fortune to attract new customers, whilst often neglecting existing and happy customers. On average it costs seven times more to attract new customers rather than retaining existing ones.”

The journey from generating new enquiry to a delighted and loyal customer can be a long road but a worthy and profitable one.

Your current marketing activity may include well placed property listings, strategic and localised adverts, imaginatively crafted emails, Facebook offers, Google Pay per Click and of course word of mouth.  Great, job done, now we can sit back and watch new bookings and business roll in. Yes, it may well do so, however …..

What many businesses forget is that we now need to transform that new customer into a regular customer who tells everyone they know they have had great holiday with you. We have only just started the journey down the road and we have a way to go. 

Here are just a few ways we can make that road so much more rewarding for both them and you:

Offer Something Different, Memorable & Give Them Outstanding Value

Offering your customers an outstanding memory and great value does not have to be costly. Sometimes the smallest, but well thought out gesture can wow your guests, creates positive and happy memories and of course that vital loyalty.

Idea: You can ‘Wow’ your guests before they arrive. Good advanced communication will always help and get them excited before they arrive. Ensure you send out a welcoming message before they arrive with good local directions, ask them if there is anything they need on arrival, where to order deliveries, local shops, and recommended ideas on where to eat out locally.

The Personal Touch

It is widely agreed that a waiter will earn a bigger tip if they have been attentive and helpful and made his customers feel just a little bit more special. What can you do that will set you aside and help make their stay memorable?


  • WelcomePack – We recently stayed at a lovely little cottage in the Cotswolds and they left a fresh home-made cake out for us both as well as a welcome tray of essentials and local produce (including free-range eggs, local honey, tea bags, jug of milk, bottle of wine chilling in the fridge and more). We booked via AirBnB but next time we will book direct.
  • DogFriendlyTreats – If you have guests arriving with their dog(s), leave out some doggie treats, recommend some great local walks and dog friendly local pubs or cafes, leave out a doggy towel (saves potential mess!).

Be Polite, Friendly & Helpful

A recent study shows that customers are more likely to re-engage with a business that are courteous, willing and helpful and go that extra mile but also reminds them in a positive way that they are there! It’s not always just about price and speed, it is much more about creating a relationship with your customers.

Engaging Your Guests & Customers

When owners spend more time engaging with their guests & customers, it reinforces that relationship. Guests who feel they’re part of what you do and that you care about them will be the most loyal to you. They will also want to recommend you to their friends and family.

Make It Easy For Your Guests

Every customer is different and every customer has their preferred method of communication and engagement. So give them every chance of engaging with you by using the widest range of channels and platforms to communicate with them. These include social media, email, phone, offers, reviews, etc.

Idea: Encourage your guests to review their stay with you and share their experience, why they loved staying with you and what was it they loved most.

Keep Your Guests Loyal With Loyalty Schemes, Rewards & Ideas

Loyalty schemes can be an immensely successful way to keeping your customers coming back. If you can offer customers an ‘added value’ reason to come back and book with you, they probably will. How many of us will buy at our favourite supermarket or online retailer because we get rewarded for doing it. Create the right loyalty scheme for your customers and you will increase bookings and referrals.


  • Returning Customer Discounts (helps them book direct with you than via other channels you may have to pay for!)
  • ‘Friends & Family’ Discount – Encourage referrals by asking your guests to share their experience online and via Social Media and say why they loved staying with you and offer their friends and family a discount as a reward.

Make a Difference

By helping make your customers feel ‘loved’ and ‘valued’ they will have happy and warm memories of you and your business. They will inspired to want to tell their friends and family about you and what a great time that they had on holiday with you. Help them spread the word about enjoying a holiday with you by going that extra mile.

Go on make a difference and get more happy customers.

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